WiFi Solutions

Many workers now access the Internet and business applications through public WiFi hotspots at hotels, airports, and many other venues. Ambit will configure your network to meet your specific needs.

Reliable WiFi Everywhere

Hotels and Resorts

From the guest rooms, to the pool, to the gym, to the lobby, to the business center - guests will be able to logon wherever they are. Whether you offer free guest internet access or fee-based access, Ambit will configure our network to meet your specific needs. Options include guest passes, group rate logins, and a proprietary billing server which interfaces directly with your current property management system (Opera, etc.) which means there are no additional fees to process credit cards.

Hotels and their guests shouldn't be disturbed. And installing a new WiFi system or upgrading an existing system must be fast and effortless. Ambit's system configures in minutes and can be installed in less than half the time of any WiFi alternative.

By providing more predictable performance and more consistent connectivity, guest complaints and help desk calls drop and drop fast. In actual hotels where our Smart WiFi technology has been implemented, customer complaints about Wi-Fi have dropped by 80 percent or more.

Hotels & Resorts Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association

Apartments and Condos

Separate your property as a cutting-edge place to live by becoming an innovative, wireless community. Residential occupants demand amenities that compliment their lifestyle and occupations. Ambit believes WiFi is quickly becoming the #1 amenity that residents find essential.

With Ambit's services, property managers benefit by increasing their Net Operating Income, while at the same time offering a popular amenity that their residents want - without the price tag associated with such luxuries. Offering tenants wireless internet included in their rent or dues is an excellent selling point during our current economic times and will help increase retention rates and resident satisfaction. Not only will you attract a greater number of residents, Ambit's services will help attract the right residents.

Along with wireless internet, give your residents the protection and the sense of security they desire by installing a reliable, cost-effective wireless security camera system. By eliminating the cost of expensive wiring, Ambit provides an innovative solution to your safety needs.

Apartments & Condos


Using Ambit's Hotspot services to offer free or paid WiFi access means attracting more customers that will stay longer. This enables new sources of revenue through the promotion of activities, items, food and other services available at each hotspot location.

A survey of more than 1,000 WiFi users found that:

84% of people said they were more willing to purchase goods and services from businesses that offered a free WiFi service

96% of people said they would return to the hotspot location because of the free WiFi

To use internet at your location, customers must agree to register their name and email address before logging on. Your business can then build up a database of existing customers and offer very targeted and customized value-added offerings.

Source: Free-Hotspot.com



Reliable WiFi has become a required course of action for schools looking to foster the learning experience, remain technologically relevant, and increase operational efficiencies.

Schools now require a reliable wireless infrastructure to accommodate a variety of applications such as supporting laptops provided to special need students, video surveillance, tablet computers, mobile computing carts equipped with laptops, back-office application and even the ability to control school heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Ambit's WiFi networks save time and money, while providing a convenient way to connect students, faculty and staff to your existing network. It is also a reliable utility that will adapt to the changing RF environment, as well as changing network requirements, without constant IT intervention.



Ambit's WiFi networks make hospital operation more efficient, staff more productive and patient care more expedient by using Smart WiFi technology everywhere within medial facilities.

Healthcare environments are well-suited for WiFi communication because doctors and clinicians are constantly moving. By installing our centrally-managed wireless network, you now have a solution which is reliable enough to support electronic healthcare records (EHR) software, billing and practice management applications as well as provide wireless connectivity to physicians and staff equipped with laptops and other WiFi devices.